BakerTop™ 18"x26"


  • Bread baking

    AIR.Maxi technology creates a maximum baking uniformity permitting the user to bake any type of bread.
    DRY.Maxi technology enhances flavours and promotes external browning.

  • Bake croissants

    The Unox applied technologies allow the user to bake any kind of croissants, empty or filled, providing with certainty, a result more uniform and flavoursome than ever before, even when operating at full loads.

  • Bake pizza

    Thanks to the special Fakiro plate and control fan speeds, it is possible to quickly bake thin or thick pizzas, simulating the results of a traditional stone based pizza oven.

  • Bake puff pastry

    DRY.Maxi technology completely extracts humidity from the cavity and allows puff pastry to perfectly develop itself in every single layer.

  • Bake Sponge cake

    The DRY.Maxi technolgy permits a sponge cake to develop a soft internal but compact internal structure, making it possible to use the cooked product in endless types of cakes.

  • Bake biscuits

    AIR.Maxi provides an excellent result in any load condition delivering an unbeatable baking uniformity.

  • Bake bigné

    Complete control of fan speed and accurate management of the humidity in the cavity permits the user to obtain the maximum control for every single piece of Choux pastry.

  • Bake leavened bakery products

    ADAPTIVE.Clima technology permits the user to accurately manage all steps of the baking process, from proving to baking.

  • Baking pastry products

    Each product has its own baking requirements. BakerTop offers the patisserie chef flexibility, precision and control, always obtaining a best result at any moment of the day.