Perfect cooking even fully loaded

The ChefTop™ oven is ideal for cooking on a large scale because it gives a certainty of excellent results even when fully loaded.
ChefTop™, thanks to UNOX exclusive technology, is an oven with extraordinary abilities.
Storing the cooking process makes it easy to repeat favourite recipes and the ChefTop™ adapts to the unexpected inaccuracy of human error, always giving the desired results.
What is more, the oven has been conceived and designed to improve workpace safety, with full compliance to HACCP standards.


  • Roast

    Thanks to DRY.Maxi, flavours are preserved, cooking times are decreased and weight loss is limited to a minimum.

  • Grill

    Using a FAKIRO Grill plate makes grilling fast and easy with no need for supervision from the chef. ChefTouch technology keeps the cooking process under control always delivering the desired result.

  • Steam

    With STEAM.Maxi it is possible to steam any kind of food quickly and effectively. The same cooking chamber can be used to steam different kinds of food simultaneously with no contamination of flavours.

  • Slow cook

    Accurate temperature control allows for more delicate cooking with confidence, ensuring the control of weight loss and an increase in flavour and tenderness.

  • Cook sous-vide

    STEAM.Maxi precisely contols the creation of a humid sous-vide environment. The temperature of the steam can be accurately set starting from 48°C, thus creating the potential to cook sous-vide with no need for supervision from the chef.

  • Night cook

    Accurate temperature control and post bake holding features allow the user to maximise benefits by roasting or slow cooking overnight. This can be achieved without external supervision thereby releasing the oven for times of service. The oven can work throughout the whole day, containing costs and increasing yields without increasing your equipment budget.

  • Regenerate

    ADAPTIVE.Clima sensor technology accurately controls the real humidity inside the cooking chamber, allowing precise regeneration that won’t leave any residual humidity on the plate.

  • Cook lasagne

    AIR.Maxi technology delivers a large heat transmission, reduced cooking time and an even bake even at full load conditions.

  • Bake bread

    AIR.Maxi technology creates maximum baking uniformity permitting the user to bake any type of bread.
    DRY.Maxi technology enhances flavours and promotes external browning.

  • Cook restaurant desserts

    DRY.Maxi technology extracts humidity from raw dough creating and enhancing the formation of a soft and dense internal structure, increasing flavour and promoting an excellent finish in the product.