The first and only Hot Fridge
The first and only Hot Fridge


Service Temperature Food Preservation

EVEREO® is a technological and innovative service-temperature preserver for food.
It preserves your food at the temperature you serve it.  EVEREO® is a revolution. Revolution is a dish that is served hot.


Service Temperature Food Preservation

Service Temperature Food Preservation is the innovative and patented technique at the core of EVEREO® technology. EVEREO® works only at temperatures above which pathogenic bacteria cannot live, therefore food safety cannot be compromised. Holding food inside EVEREO® for more than 8 hours, even though it has previously been cooled down to 3°C, guarantees its complete pasteurization and ensures its safety.

The Science behind

Numerous tests carried out in the laboratories of the University of Parma, at the Condensed matter physics department led by Professor Davide Cassi, have demonstrated the benefits of Serving Temperature Preservation in terms of microbiological safety, preservation of the organoleptic qualities of food and saving time and resources.

Three working modes to get the most from Service Temperature Food Preservation.


Cook and preserve for up to 72 hours


Combined with MULTI.Day BAGS and MULTI.Day TRAYS, EVEREO®  allows you to Preserve cooked food at Service Temperature for up to 72 hours. Cook your dishes as you have always done and, following the advice of our chefs, preserve them in EVEREO®, so you will be able to serve them as soon as they are ordered, with zero waiting time for your customers and a boost for your profits!

Hold up to 8 hours


Preserve your dishes in EVEREO® ready to be served using unsealed or open containers or trays. EVEREO®'s extremely accurate temperature and humidity management allows to keep your food impeccable for up to 4 times longer than traditional holding cabinets.

Preserve without cooking for up to 72 hours

Meal me

The revolution is now: if you own EVEREO® and MEAL ME you can add from the ecommerce great products to your menu, without having to cook them. Keep your meals always ready to be served!

Join the Revolution

Key Benefits

Zero waiting time

For your customers

With EVEREO® you decide when and where to cook your menu. Traditional dishes that require slow cooking and complex processing can be prepared in your kitchen or delivered to your stores during the calmest days or moments of the week and preserved at service temperature, always ready for service.

The quality of slow food

The speed of Fast Service

Your customers will experience something unique: all-day dining, high quality slow food meals, no waiting time. Your business will immediately see the benefits: increased table turnover, higher customer satisfaction, higher profits.

Save money and time

EVEREO® in Numbers


Slow cooked chicken breast with seasonal vegetables and rosemary-infused olive oil. Data are based on a full load of 96 vacuum-packed portions (24 whole breasts).

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