November 10, 2015

25 Recipes of Inventive Simplification

Witty, personal and easy to read, the 25 Recipes of Inventive Simplification gives practical insights on doing the seemingly impossible - doubling both a product's value and pure profit through ingenious innovative solutions and Lean principles.

By consistently applying the 25 principles of Inventive Simplification Enrico Franzolin, has taken a 3-people start-up and trasformed it into a multi-milion dollar 'Professional Convection and Combi Ovens' empire.

“To innovate and simplify one has to get to the essence of the problem, and that means thinking beyond complexity.” Enrico Franzolin.

Enrico Franzolin is an Italian entrepreneur, inventor and the father of the Inventive Simplification problem-solving philosophy. His Company, UNOX, is a leader in terms of innovation in the professional oven market.
UNOX products are distributed in more than 110 countries.

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