More powerful than a dashboard, simpler than a control panel: MASTER.Touch PLUS is an intuitive connection between you and the oven. Communication really becomes two-way. The outcome of an intelligent technology, that understands the results that you desire, checks any modifications to the parameters during the cooking process, and suggests the best way to give you the perfect cooking result (ADAPTIVE.Cooking™).



Add your touch of brilliance. Freely, when you want to. Allow your creativity to be repeated by any of your collaborators. The visual language MIND.Maps™ technology allows you to carry out even the most elaborate cooking processes with a few simple hand-drawn gestures on the screen. With the MASTER.Touch pen you can draw your cooking process and save it in the MY MIND.Maps program so that your touch of brilliance can be repeated as many times as you wish.



  • 10 600x400 PLUS Unox oven
    High-strength, self-lubricating door hinges
    Protek.SAFE™ Cool external surfaces
    MASTER.Touch") %>
    UNOX.Det&Rinse tank


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  • 10 600x400 PLUS Unox oven
    Triple internal glass
    Door integrated LED lights
    AIR.Maxi ™
    Multi fan for maximum baking performance
    Special fan to reduce baking time
    Motor brake on door opening
    Auto-reversing motor for high termal pressure on the food
    Lateral supports
    Dry air intake and forced humidity extraction
    Heating elements
    Balanced phase absorbtion and power modulation
    BI-STEP Valve (accurate stem and temperature control)
    High-durability carbon fibre door lock


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  • 10 600x400 PLUS Unox oven
    Anti infiltration chimney
    STEAM.Maxi™ circuit protection
    Pipe fitting with no-return valve
    100 micron filter
    2 bar pressure reducer
    Anti infiltration closed back panel
    High performance termal insulation
    Electric components cooling fan


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Technical features and download

electric gas
capacity 10 600x400 10 600x400
distance 80 mm 80 mm
frequency 50 / 60 Hz 50 / 60 Hz
Voltage 400 V ~ 3N 230 V~ 1N
power 21 kW 1 kW
Dimensions 860x957x1163 860x957x1163
weight 130 kg 145 kg

Unox BakerTop saves you

  • Saving <br/> raw materials

    raw materials

    Temperature, humidity, air speed, time. The various ways in which these factors interact determines the final cooking result. With Unox, you have complete control over them. Guaranteed uniformity. Respect of the set parameters. Certainty of repeatability over time. Versatility of combination. You can count on the many accessories and details of superior quality that make the difference. You don't need to change the tool you are working with each time. You only need to change your ideas. And you are free to do so, with the maximum simplicity.

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  • Saving <br/> time


    Don't waste your time or your team's time. Depending on which model you have, many operations are automated. Starting from the regulation of the humidity, air speed and temperature up to the automatic washing system. Add to this the possibility of saving cooking programs and repeating them an infinite number of times and you can see how much time you will gain to concentrate on other tasks.

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  • Saving <br /> space


    Efficiency in the kitchen begins with the organization of the available space. This is why Unox gives you the possibility of stacking ovens in a vertical column. You have a greater capacity in the same floor space and you can carry out different cooking processes at the same time. But that is not all. You can avoid dedicating space in the kitchen to alternative traditional cooking equipment by taking full advantage of the technologies that are integrated in the oven.

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  • Saving <br /> energy


    On average UNOX ovens consume up to 30% less energy when compared to traditional professional ovens. Every cooking process is controlled, so you avoid using energy when it is not needed. Specific solutions optimize and distribute energy between connected ovens. You even have the possibility of receiving on your mobile telephone the energy consumption data and statistics of use of all equipment. The management costs are completely under your control.

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Individual cooking experience

Are you interested in UNOX? Make an informed choice based on the facts seen first-hand. Free of charge and with no commitment a Unox Active Marketing Chef will come to your kitchen, install an oven and together with you will cook your recipes using your ingredients. It is a challenge UNOX is pleased to take on for you, to give you the opportunity to make the right choice for you. Try before you buy, for free: why not? Request your free Individual Cooking Experience today.



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What can you do with BakerTop

  • Macarons

    The perfect macaron has a crispy shell and a soft chewy interior. Thanks to STEAM.Maxi™ and AIR.Maxi™ technologies you now have full control of the humidity and ventilation inside the cooking chamber. The soft meringue like texture and ruffled feet are always flawless ensuring macarons that will melt in your mouth!

  • Bake panettone and other leavened cakes

    From the leavening to the golden external colour, ADAPTIVE.Cooking™ technology easily manages all phases of baking leavened products.

  • Bake pastry products

    It can be notoriously difficult to obtain perfect results when baking pastry, but with BAKERTOP MIND.Maps™ Plus and CHEFUNOX the process becomes easy. Golden pastry at the touch of a button.

  • Bake sponge cakes

    DRY.Maxi™ technology allows you to bake sponge cakes with a soft but compact structure that can be used for numerous types of desserts.

  • Bake meringues

    Controlling the fan speed and having precise control of the humidity within the baking chamber gives maximum flavour and perfect results for all choux pastry.

  • Bake bread and oven-baked products

    AIR.Maxi™ and AIR.Plus™ technologies bake the bread perfectly on every level of the oven thanks to the uniformity and the power of the ventilation. DRY.Maxi™ and DRY.Plus™ technologies make the difference in providing golden and fragrant results.

  • Bake plain and filled croissants

    Bake any kind of croissant, whether plain or filled. The results will always be flawless: soft and fragrant, even for a full load.

  • Cook pizza

    Thanks to the FAKIRO™ tray and the regulation of fan speed it is possible to quickly cook thick crust or thin crust pizzas, reproducing the results of a traditional static oven.

  • How to bake choux pastry

    Every product have his own needs. BAKERTOP MIND.Maps guarantee flexibility and precision to the pastry chef, always giving the best result every single day.

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