Minimum humidity. Maximum flavour.
The DRY.Maxi™ patented technology rapidly removes humidity from the cooking chamber and creates the ideal conditions for any food that requires cooking in a completely dry environment.

How does it work?


The patented DRY.Maxi™ technology carries out two tasks at the same time that both benefit your work: it rapidly extracts humidity from the cooking chamber and inserts dry air. The result is enhanced flavours in all cooking processes that require a completely dry environment such as grilling or browning, or in the final part of bakery and patisserie processes.


The extreme speed with which humidity is removed is obtained without affecting the perfect temperature control. When the temperatures are high DRY.Maxi™ improves the external browning of the food. When the temperatures are low it significantly reduces the drying time. It does this for all types of food: meat, fish, vegetables.
In particular, for the browning and grilling of meat, the presence humidity during the cooking process causes a loss of flavour and aroma. With DRY.Maxi™ technology on the other hand, it enhances the flavour as it helps close the pores of the meat and therefore it maintains proteins and salts. For the processes used in bakery and patisserie DRY.Maxi™ produces dry products, with a uniform internal structure and a crisp and crumbly external surface.

What is it?


The uniqueness of DRY.Maxi™ technology lies in the combined actions of forced emission of dry air and extraction of moist air. The system can use more than one point of introduction of dry air at the same time to maximise the extraction of humidity.
DRY.Maxi™ is the perfect companion to STEAM.Maxi™ for the management of steam and humidity: together the two technologies completely and efficiently manage the level of steam and humidity at every step of the cooking process.


Minimum humidity. Maximum flavour.


The ovens that use this technology

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