The simplicity of a fan atmospheric burner. The power and efficiency of a blowing burner.

Spido.GAS™ is the patented Unox technology that ensures maximum reliability in the creation of energy in gas powered combi ovens: a solution that combines power and simplicity.


Spido.GAS™allows uniform heat distribution and easy maintenance. The absence of moving parts has reduced wear points to a minimum within the combi and as a result enables us to increase reliability.

What is it?


Through a modulated system of output power, it is possible to accurately control the temperature inside the cooking chamber. Using a unique sensor system ChefTop™ and BakerTop™ combi ovens are able to understand the power actually absorbed by the cooking process and minimise energy loss. This provides significant benefits in terms of efficiency, operating costs and environmental impact.


Spido.GAS™ combines the simplicity and purity obtained with atmospheric combustion with the power and efficiency of a blowing burner.


The ovens that use this technology

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