Temperature, humidity, air speed, time. The various ways in which these factors interact determines the final cooking result. With Unox, you have complete control over them. Guaranteed uniformity. Respect of the set parameters. Certainty of repeatability over time. Versatility of combination. You can count on the many accessories and details of superior quality that make the difference. You don't need to change the tool you are working with each time. You only need to change your ideas. And you are free to do so, with the maximum simplicity.

The Unox ovens

The technologies

UNOX strongly believes in comprehensive research and technological innovation to find solutions that improve the quality and performance of our customers' cooking processes.


Add your touch of brilliance. Freely, when you want to. Allow your creativity to be repeated by any of your collaborators. The visual language MIND.Maps™ technology allows you to carry out even the most elaborate cooking processes with a few simple hand-drawn gestures on the screen. With the MASTER.Touch pen you can draw your cooking process and save it in the MY MIND.Maps program so that your touch of brilliance can be repeated as many times as you wish.

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Data Driven Cooking

Data Driven Cooking is an Artificial Intelligence cloud based technology that enables UNOX MIND.Maps™ ovens to collect data, process information and analyse usage. It then identifies and proposes recipes and personalized advice based on your real needs that translates directly into new dishes for your menu.

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In the CHEFTOP and BAKERTOP MIND.Maps™ Plus ovens the patented ADAPTIVE.Cooking™ technology transforms your oven into an intelligent tool.

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Cooking & Baking Essentials

We aim to make your kitchen as complete and versatile as possible, and with the use of UNOX specialised pans the functionality and efficiency of the oven is increased even firther. There is also a significant recovery in terms of cost and space.

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Cooking uniformity. Quality without compromise.

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Minimum humidity. Maximum flavour. The patented DRY.Maxi™ technology carries out two tasks at the same time that both benefit your work: it rapidly extracts humidity from the cooking chamber and inserts dry air.

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Unox's patented STEAM.Maxi™ technology is the solution to perfectly steam any items, even the most delicate ones at low temperatures. STEAM.Maxi™ in fact produces dense steam that saturates every point of the cooking chamber already at 35°C. This occurs in a few seconds and with incredible control over the temperature.

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AIR.Plus technology has been developed by Unox to give a uniform cooking result on every point of every pan and on all pans.

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DRY.Plus is the Unox technology that rapidly removes the humid air from the cooking chamber to enhance the flavours and maintain the structure of the food. For you, absolute certainty: the results will always meet up to your expectations.

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The instant creation of humidity in the cooking chamber, starting from a temperature of 48°C up to 260°C, is the work of STEAM.Plus technology.

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