Efficiency in the kitchen begins with the organization of the available space. This is why Unox gives you the possibility of stacking ovens in a vertical column. You have a greater capacity in the same floor space and you can carry out different cooking processes at the same time. But that is not all. You can avoid dedicating space in the kitchen to alternative traditional cooking equipment by taking full advantage of the technologies that are integrated in the oven.

The Unox ovens

The technologies

UNOX strongly believes in comprehensive research and technological innovation to find solutions that improve the quality and performance of our customers' cooking processes.


When thinking of a professional oven one always thinks about cooking processes. But it is also important that the ovens are cleaned effectively. The problem is the time taken up by this activity. UNOX.Care is the range of cleaning and care products that will keep your oven clean, protect it over time and reduce any maintenance costs.

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Cooking & Baking Essentials

We aim to make your kitchen as complete and versatile as possible, and with the use of UNOX specialised pans the functionality and efficiency of the oven is increased even firther. There is also a significant recovery in terms of cost and space.

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Time is money: but space is also money. MAXI.Link™ is an exclusive Unox technology that allows you to earn more, as you optimize every centimetre of space in the kitchen.

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