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Vision of a post covid-19 future for foodservice

Today's restaurateurs have to deal with a new reality, to be handled with care.
A particularly delicate historical moment, a physiological contraction of the market and a different everyday life from the one we were used to.
The fact is that all the rainbow drawings with "Everything will be fine" written below them and various messages of encouragement are not enough. Entrepreneurs, restaurateurs, retailers, managers and all the people involved in the traditional, collective and travelling food service industry need an immediate, concrete relaunch. The need is collecting ideas and setting up a debate.
Today more than ever, sharing and blending different business models is vital for the survival of the food service industry. In such a sensitive and fast world, it is not the strongest who resists. Whoever adapts to change most quickly wins.

This is the starting point of "Vision of a post Covid future for foodservice", an ambitious project that has been created to give voice to numerous stories of professionals from all over the world, to act as a "repeater of ideas", to give energy to those who live on their business and now want to survive.
A virtual journey to discover how restaurateurs and chefs from all over the world are facing this challenge, reorganizing their business and providing colleagues in the food service industry with new ideas and food for thought.
Australia, USA, Italy, Mexico, Russia... and many other countries with different economic systems and more or less developed commercial dynamics, united by the same desire and need for redress.

Retailers, chefs and food service entrepreneurs who share their experiences in this moment characterized by a general stop. A brief introduction on the type of business they run and then a careful analysis of what led the business to succeed, the challenges that had to be faced and how they were overcome, to conclude with a hypothetical plan for the future, considering the possible changes that will be made and offering some advice to the colleagues in the same sector. 
Encouragement, solidarity and awareness are the key concepts of the videos belonging to this project, which aims at making all people feel part of the same team and giving a starting point to those who are in difficulty.

The need to readjust activities according to customers' needs, the continuous need to reinvent oneself through new ideas and the need to be able to count on a trustworthy team emerge clearly. Don't miss the testimonials of the 16 protagonists who participated in the "vision of a Post Covid future for foodservice" project and find the most suitable suggestions for your business.

Enjoy the videos!
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