Space is not an issue
Space is not an issue


The built-in installation kit is designed to take advantage of every square meter of the baking area.

It allows to the correct functioning of BAKERLUX SHOP.ProTM ovens even when installed inside a piece of furniture or under the service counter.


Easy installation

Thanks to the frontal expulsion of the exahusts no holes in the wall or in the top of the forniture is required.


Minimum footage

Thanks to the reduced height of the built-in installation kit, BAKERLUX Ovens can be easily integrated into cabinets, furniture and counters.


Activated carbons filters

The activated carbon flilter effectively reduces the most unwanted smells.
<p><strong>Zero impact on baking</strong></p>

Zero impact on baking

The UNOX Ventless hood is design to not alter the capability of the oven to saturate the cooking chamber with steam and to remove the excess of humidity when required.

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