Smart and solid

A unique design for a unique oven

The perfect fit

Door with push-to-close function

Tested for over 1 million cycles, the door with push-to-close function allows maximum speed in taking in and out of the oven. When the oven is closed, just push the door for instant closure. Greater freedom of movement, greater simplicity in actions.

Unassailable, even by the most aggressive waters

316L Marine-grade stainless steel cooking chamber

The cooking chamber of the SPEED-X™ ovens is made of 316L steel, the one ships are built of to withstand the aggression of sea waters.Combined with RO.Care, it allows to avoid water treatment with osmosis systems even in case of high levels of chlorides.

Propulsive thrust

Symmetrical reversing fans

The high-flow fans distribute the air in a powerful and homogeneous way on each tray, from the first to the last. Uniformity and cooking speed at the highest levels.

Symmetrically perfect

High performance heating elements

SPEED-X™ ovens use special high power intensity straight line resistances that produce heat quickly, minimizing temperature recovery times and optimizing air flows.

Straight to the core

Perpendicoular Microwaves

Microwaves radiate from the upper part of the cooking chamber, perpendicular to the SPEED.Plate tray for speed cooking. Speed, effectiveness and uniformity.

Everything in perfect order

Lower drawer

A space for the DET&Rinse detergent and for the built-in RO.Care water filter. A compartment under the oven which contains everything you need

for the daily care of your oven.

A new leading role

Control panel 

A completely redesigned interface and a brand new 16'' control panel, with LED and built-in microphone. An impact upgrade also in the position of the panel that becomes the protagonist finding ample space in the central part of the oven door.


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