Hospital and social and health care catering
Hospital and social and health care catering

Human health starts

with nutrition

Healthcare: the importance of meals in the process of patient care

Differentiated nutritional plans and customised menus require technological solutions to optimise service management, production processes and the delivery of meals to hospital guests.

Safety without compromising on taste
Safety without compromising on taste


count too!

An oven such as CHEFTOP MIND.Maps™ can steam full

loads of vegetables, bringing out the colours in a lively

way: the orange of carrots, the green of broccoli and leafy

vegetables, the brightness of courgettes, etc. Even when

you need to cook food beyond its normal texture, it will

retain its appearance, structure and taste thanks to the

quality of steam produced by STEAM.Maxi™.

Everything cooked to perfection.

What matters most


Good, healthy

and appetizing food.


Automatic cooking

programs library.


Large-scale production

thanks to cutting

edge equipment.


Certified quality

and possibility to

download HACCP data.

Thanks to Data Driven Cooking you will be able to manage all your ovens remotely, even from your smartphone.


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