Bakery Counter

Bread, focaccia, pizza and croissants
Bread, focaccia, pizza and croissants

A bakery corner that will be

as good as the bakery next door!

Cook and let rise bread, pizza, brioche, focaccia and cakes. 

Croissants in the morning, perfectly baked bread of all kinds and shapes thanks to the Air.Maxi patent. Full loads of pizza, focaccia, fresh and frozen bread. A mixed smell of freshly baked bread and increasing turnover.

The benefits



Products as if they had just been baked, longer shelf-life, uniformity of cooking and results in all stores.



Cooking times reduced by 20%
thanks to UNOX technologies
and combi-cooking.



Energy consumption reduced;
20% less energy compared
to a traditional system.

16 trays


Cook up to 16 trays simultaneously,
even in separate chambers
with different conditions.

“With around 100 new bakery columns installed in 1 year, Unox has always provided us with training and support at every single sales point. Having all ovens connected and monitored through a comprehensive platform like DDC is a plus that no one else can provide.”

IN'S mercato s.p.a.
Italian supermarket chain

Ventless Hood with activated carbons filter

Install the oven wherever you want, even outside the kitchen!

The certified condensation hood allows you to carry out open air installations without odour problems. Basically you can decide to upgrade your supermarket and start increasing the offer to your customers even without a kitchen. 

We will take care of the rest.

Baking Essentials trays

Special trays for magical baking

The special Baking Essentials are the result of decades of work in the best bakeries and pastry shops. Thin, sturdy pans, micro-perforated if necessary, to facilitate the passage of air between the products and guarantee their perfect browning. In addition to this, for the most delicate and crumbly products, special non-stick coated pans have been designed for quick cleaning and saving time because baking paper is no longer needed or required. 


Perfect bread without an instruction manual

It is well known that in order to perfectly bake fresh bread, in addition to the skill required to create a perfect dough, two things are needed: heat and plenty of moisture in the first baking stage.
Thanks to STEAM.Boost, the BAKERTOP MIND.Maps™ ovens are able to generate 50% extra steam to make your bread develop like never before.
Crumbly, light bread. It tastes like success!

QUICK.Load: loading trolleys

Safe, quick and effortless loading and transport

Loading so many trays into the oven during the whole day requires effort and energy. But you would like to use that energy to serve your customers better, wouldn't you? The QUICK.Load trolleys help your staff to put in and bake even 16 trays at the same time in two seconds. What does it mean?

That your staff works in a safer, faster way and the oven loses less heat because less time is spent with the door open during the baking process!

A choice that makes everyone happy.

Our range

Grazie a Data Driven Cooking potrai connettere tutti i tuoi forni e gestirli in remoto, anche dal tuo cellulare.


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