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<strong style="color: rgb(255, 255, 255);">UNOX EXPERIENCE CENTER: more space for experience, less distance from our customers</strong></h1><p><br>
UNOX EXPERIENCE CENTER: more space for experience, less distance from our customers

Over the last few years, our growth has shown no sign of stopping, as do our investments in international markets. In order to further increase the services we offer to our partners and local customers in all countries of the world, we have invested in the creation of the UNOX Experience Centers: real showrooms equipped with a demonstration kitchen where you can experience live performances and touch our professional ovens.

Brazil Experience Center: a new space designed to meet the needs of the professional oven market.

Brazil led the way with the inauguration of the Brazil Experience Center held last April 2022 in São Paulo.  New offices and new meeting rooms to welcome customers and colleagues and a new demonstration kitchen designed to create engaging showcooking and product demonstrations as well as supporting our Chefs in their training and in the various cooking tests.

Relive the best moments of the inauguration by watching the video:

KOREA Experience Center: the world of professional ovens meets the phenomenon of home baking.

On June 8, 2022, the KOREA Experience Center in South Korea in downtown Seoul was officially inaugurated.


A space entirely dedicated to the experience, which combines two different souls, that of the kitchen and professional ovens with that of home baking, where the various guests can watch live showcooking and discover all the latest news in the UNOX world.


Home Baking is a relatively recent phenomenon, which has developed increasingly post-pandemic especially in Asian countries, which we at UNOX have been able to intercept and make the most of with a dedicated Experience Center and a line of products dedicated to our UNOX Home Bakers present in Asia.

UK Experience Centre: a step towards a carbon neutral future.


A workspace and place to meet with customers where attention to environmental respect plays a key role. This is the UK Experience Centre inaugurated in Camberley on 5 July 2022, the new branch in the United Kingdom built with the use of sustainable materials, the use of intelligent solutions that allow real energy savings and the choice of energy suppliers coming 100% from renewable sources.


From the use of electrical systems, to the use of 287 photovoltaic panels to the construction of living walls to promote the creation of oxygen: these are just some of the features that contribute to making the new Experience Centre one of the most sustainable and energy-efficient buildings in use in our sector.


Relive the best moments of the inauguration:

France Experience Center: our new Paris branch is set to offer an unparalleled service to our local partners and end users.


To meet the growing demand in the French market, we opened the France Experience Center near the Stade de France in Saint-Denis in June 2023.

This new location is designed to facilitate meetings with professionals in the catering, bakery, and pastry industries, and offer them innovative and tailored cooking and hot-food-preserving solutions.

The center includes a showroom for culinary demonstrations, carried out by UNOX Corporate Chefs, workspaces dedicated to defining new strategies and solutions, and a Service Academy for technical product training.


Watch the video to relive the best moments of the opening event:

UNOX Experience Center: what will be the next developments?

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