Central bakery

Central Bakery
Central Bakery

Bread, crackers, croissants, shortcrust pastry, ready bases, pizza, focaccia and much more

Central Bakery, an artisanal soul in an industrial context.

Industrial laboratories produce huge quantities of leavened and unleavened products on a large scale for large retailers, mass catering or travelling distribution.

Kitchen Scheduler
Kitchen Scheduler

The heart

of daily


Connecting the ovens in a network facilitates the

exchange of continuous information regarding the hours

of oven usage, consumption statistics, insights on

cooking programs, etc... Unox Scheduler allows you to

upload and schedule the list of cooking processes to be

performed during the day, obtaining a flawless

execution planning, avoiding peaks, queues and delays.

What matters most


Uniform cooking results from

the first to the very last tray.


Reproducible standards over time,

for large batches of food.


Large-scale production thanks

to modern and precise equipment.


Certified quality and possibility

to download HACCP data.


The operative words in the world of centralised bakeries are uniformity of baking and repeatability of results.

BAKERTOP MIND.Maps™ BIG ovens do all this by adding ease of use, automatic cleaning, reliability, a 4-year warranty and Internet connectivity, to offer laboratory managers more data driven and less forecast based business analysis. Connected, robust, reliable, smart professional trolley ovens and perfect cooking processes.

A winning solution, try it today.

Thanks to Data Driven Cooking you will be able to manage all your ovens remotely, even from your smartphone.


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