LIEVOX Proofers

Knead, and then you're done
Knead, and then you're done


The limitless PROOFER

Proofing is a game of balance between dough, temperature,humidity and time,

and it is one of the crucial moments that determine the quality of baking.


Precisely controlled proofing

Accurate Temperature and humidity control.


Natural proofing

No fan to prevent any drying of the delicate surface of the dough.


Controlled process

The UNOX Prrofer is controlled by the oven panel and allow to memorize and repeatup to 256 programs.
<strong>Designed for the Bakery Arts</strong>

Designed for the Bakery Arts

Designed for all bakery art masters eager to
add to the BAKERTOP MIND.Maps ™ PLUS oven
a proofer with state-of-the-art technology.

<strong>Proofing and Baking</strong>

Proofing and Baking

The UNOX proofer opens up a world of possibilities
for baking of tradition products, such as big breads,
leavened desserts, croissants and much more.

The BAKERTOP MIND.Maps ™ PLUS proofers are equipped with precise sensors that accurately
and continuously control the temperature and humidity during every instant of the leavening process.
When required, they intervene to guarantee excellent and repeatable results.


The production of humidity with a boiler allows the separate control of temperature and moisture content during leavening.

    Humidity sensor

    A precise sensor constantly monitors the amount of moisture at any time during the process.

      Anticondensation Ceiling

      The ceiling of the proofing chamber is designed to avoid the formation of drops of condensation that could otherwise fall on the dough.

        Water recirculation

        A recovery system makes it possible to reuse the condensed water and thus reduce the consumption of water and energy to a minimum.

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