Rotisserie Corner

Fresh and juicy chickens at any time
Fresh and juicy chickens at any time

Bye bye electric spit.
24 roasted chickens in 45 minutes

If you want to cook a bit of everything

With the BAKERTOP MIND.Maps™ 6+6 solution with SMART.Drain, you get all the benefits of two ovens cooking at the same time, plus the automatic collection of cooking fat thanks to the SMART.Drain collection system. In the upper oven you can bake crispy bread and fragrant croissants and, in the lower one, you can cook succulent roasts and 30 spit-roasted chickens every 45 minutes.  

The benefits



10% less cooking costs
compared to traditional systems.



20% less energy consumption
compared to a traditional system.



25% less energy costs
to wash the oven.



Up to 40% less water
consumption to wash the oven.



Up to 40% less detergent
consumption to wash the oven.



A maximum weight loss of 28%, inviting products with longer shelf-life, uniformity of cooking and results.

"We expressed the need to have an oven column that would give us the possibility to produce both rotisserie and bakery products. Unox took up the challenge and developed a customized system that allowed us to renovate the deli department even in shops where space was a constraint".

Pam Panorama S.p.A.
Italian supermarket chain


Smart system for the cooking fat collection

Forget about having to wash the oven, forget about having to handle dangerous chicken fat while still hot at the end of cooking.
With SMART.Drain your biggest effort is remembering to change the tank.
We will take care of the rest.


The tray to roast 8 chickens at the same time 

The special POLLO tray does more than you think: it keeps 8 chickens perfectly positioned, collects the liquids released by the chickens during the cooking process and directs them to the oven drain to prevent the oven from being dirty, so as to use a faster automatic cleaning program and save water, energy and detergent. The POLLO tray is covered with non-stick material: you can wash it in two seconds.
Do you need any more reasons to choose it?

Ventless Hood with activated carbons filter

Install the oven wherever you want, even outside the kitchen!

The certified condensation hood allows you to carry out open air installations without odour problems. Basically you can decide to upgrade your supermarket and start increasing the offer to your customers even without a kitchen. 
We will take care of the rest.

Our Range

Grazie a Data Driven Cooking potrai connettere tutti i tuoi forni e gestirli in remoto, anche dal tuo cellulare.


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