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UNOX CASA presents Model 1, the superior domestic oven worth a Michelin star

The new Unox Casa division is born and for the first time a professional oven enters the homes of those who have a passion for haute cuisine: SuperOven, high performance within the reach of each enthusiasts!

Thirty years of experience in the professional cooking world allowed us to create Model 1, the high-tech SuperOven designed for the domestic use. 

UNOX Model 1 is the only high-end cooking solution consisting of two professional ovens redesigned for domestic use, equipped with the same technology, Artificial Intelligence and cooking know-how previously reserved only for the kitchens of the most exclusive restaurants.

Cooking aims at the best results in a reliable and safe way, saving time and energy: every function is ready to use on the display, to cook in the easiest and fastest way possible with high quality.  

Unox Model 1 is equipped with a professional ventless hood integrated into the oven, which eliminates odours and vapours throughout the cooking process, keeping the air fresh and clean inside the house at all times. What's more, it requires no cleaning or maintenance, even for years.

Thanks to its cutting-edge technology and patented innovations, Model 1 can carry out more than 400 cooking processes and manage up to 10 different ones simultaneously with total control over each one: just select the type of food and the desired cooking result and Model 1 will choose the settings, measure the food load and adjust the cooking process to make it perfect. With its 7 special original UNOX trays, it offers unlimited cooking possibilities: vacuum cooking, dehydration, smoking, steaming, baking, roasting, frying, pan-frying, grilling....

The main technological features include: the presence of accurate sensors that continuously monitor the percentage of humidity inside the cooking chamber to guarantee perfect results with any food; a very powerful fan that allows food to be cooked evenly, in large quantities and 3 times faster than a normal oven; an integrated ventilation system that eliminates all odours and vapours inside the house and a fully automated self-cleaning cycle, which also eliminates maintenance, ensuring an impressive warranty for 7 years / 10,000 cooking hours.

<<After gaining the world leadership in the professional cooking sector - explains Matteo De Lise, Director of Customer Experience at Unox Casa -, Unox enters the high-end residential market with an absolute novelty: the SuperOven. This product represents the fifth essence of the Unox soul. From the pursuit of excellence through technological innovation, to the essentiality of the product through the lean approach to design and production. Our mission is to create the best customer experience possible, bringing the haute cuisine of the best starred restaurants into the most beautiful homes in the world.>>

The SuperOven can cook food for up to 20 people, learns from your culinary habits, suggests recipes and is connected 24/7 with UNOX Chefs who can guide you in the preparation of the dishes.

These features make it unique compared to any other domestic oven.



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