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Food Delivery: the new foodservice frontier
Food Delivery: an opportunity to change or a break with traditions?

Culinary tradition is one of the most powerful weapons that Italy has. This is probably why this country has always been reluctant to introduce Food Delivery. And this could also be due to the fact that "eating out" for an Italian means living a real experience: breathing the atmosphere, sitting at the table, being pampered by the waiter, looking at the tablecloth, having a chat with the chef... Despite the desire to keep up with the passing time, the takeaway food industry has always proved to have some glitches: poor digital organization, little research of fancy packaging, lack of attention to details. Lots of energy to sell an on-site experience, but few confused ideas to offer that experience at home. The result is that big cities such as Rome and Milan are provided with appropriate facilities sufficient to guarantee the service, while in the suburbs it is often difficult to find an alternative to the pizza box.

The economic crisis triggered by the sadly famous Covid-19 health pandemic has probably acted as a catalyst for the - compulsory - rise of the cult of Food Delivery. As they say, necessity is the mother of invention. After having taken one of the best cuisines to every corner of the world, we are finally learning to bring it into our homes, without the need to give up on some of its characteristics.

However, there are a couple of precautions to be taken in order to manage this type of activity effectively. Can you offer the same menu in the case of the traditional food industry and for food delivery? Is all the food that is served "espresso" on a plate in restaurants suitable to resist with the same effectiveness in a box carried by someone in a moped? Maybe not.

The first thing to do is getting out of the comfort zone and imagine dishes that continue to reflect the restaurant identity, but are more delivery-friendly, so that they can be cooked and held for hours, without compromising on quality.

Therefore, the problem is studying a process that ensures good results quickly, but without generating additional work. Keeping food hot is not always easy. Even if it is true that it could be the most suitable option for Food Delivery, it is also the one that has the greatest impact on food quality. Not all food can be preserved hot and, above all, until some time ago, there was no holding cabinet that could manage not only the temperature, but also the humidity percentage.

Now there is EVEREO®, the first hot fridge in the world, which takes advantage of the revolutionary preservation at service temperature technology which allows to preserve hot cooked food for days, ready to be served. A couple of examples? Crunchy fried seafood, fragrant outside and soft inside, will remain perfect for 2 hours. Succulent grilled pork chops, perfectly hot and tasty for 4 hours. Lava cakes will remain soft inside, safe and hot, ready to be served for 36 hours.

According to the business and process in which it is used, EVEREO® can offer different usage modes to meet all your needs. A real revolution!

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