<strong>Gastronomy and Butchery</strong>

Gastronomy and Butchery

Small Shops and Supermarket

Brown, roast, braise, grill, fry, smoke, boil, steam, cook under vacuum.


The intelligent combi oven that grills, fries, roasts, brown, smokes, cook with steam and much more. Automatic cooking cycles and intelligent functions for always impeccable results.

  • Powerful and Fast
  • Intelligent
  • Reliable and Strong
  • Energy Star Certified


The combi oven for those who want the maximum cooking result and focus on the essential.

  • Effective
  • Easy to use
  • Intuitive


The intelligent combi oven suitable for any type of cooking in less than 0.5 square meters. Automatic cooking cycles and intelligent functions for always impeccable results.


    The compact combi oven for those who want the best cooking result with the smallest footprint.


      The intelligent and self.cleaning combi oven for bakery and confectionery. Automatic baking cycles and intelligent functions for always impeccable results.

      • Perfectly uniform cooking
      • Designed for Bakery
      • Reliable and robust
      • Energy Star certified efficiency


      The combi oven for pastry and bread making: perfect and uniform baking with any foodload. Intuitive programming and possibility to memorize 364 cooking processes.

      • Perfectly uniform cooking
      • Simple and intuitive
      • Automatic washing system

      The Universe of the Ovens for Deli shops and for Rotisseries

      Over the years, butcheries, rotisseries and deli shops have turned into real boutiques of taste. Therefore, they need gastronomy and rotisserie equipment like those used in real professional kitchens with machines that guarantee the consumer quality and a varied offer of excellent ready meals.
      At the same time, the equipment for deli shops and rotisseries must ensure that they are easy to use and clean. The cooking programs are always perfect, even when the cooks are not experts and thanks to the possibility of cooking any type of food in a very short time: the MIND.Maps™ range always guarantees perfect results.

      Make money with gastronomy oven for take-away restaurants!

      The MIND.Maps™ ranges have marked a turning point in the market for professional combi ovens. With the introduction and the continuous updating of technologies such as UNOX Intelligent Performance, we offer our customers the certainty of cutting-edge standards that automatically optimize the cooking program according to the amount of food inserted, the door opening times, the temperature and other variables that exist during the cooking phase.
      Fast cooking, low temperature cooking with minimum weight reduction or automatic cooking of different products at the same time? With UNOX gastronomy ovens you can choose the cooking that best suits your needs. From tasty sauces for first courses, to soft and succulent roasts, and don’t forget braised meats and fried or seasonal side dishes.
      But it doesn't end there! UNOX gastronomy ovens have an automatic washing system. At the end of the day, you just need to start 1 of the 5 automatic washing programs suggested by SENSE.Klean, the technology that uses precise algorithms that detect the amount of dirt accumulated inside the cooking chamber.
      The MIND.Maps™ gastronomy ovens are also equipped with an innovative smoking system called HYPER.Smoker. An accessory that you can add to your oven at any time, transforming it into a real smoker. You can smoke meat, fish and vegetables, choosing from 10 different smoking intensities.

      Get the most with a Unox rotisserie oven

      MIND.Maps™ rotisserie ovens are available in specific versions with automatic programs and a fat collection system to cook roasted chickens.
      SMART.Drain is the ideal fat collection system designed for all those businesses that often cook food containing a lot of fat. It is a valve that connects to the oven draining system that directs all the cooking liquids into a tank below the oven. But it doesn't end there! We also provide special trays which, thanks to their shape, direct the fat towards the drain system, reducing the dirt in the cooking chamber by 80%.
      A simple click is all it takes to restore the initial cleaning level of your rotisserie oven, activating the most suitable washing program according to the degree of dirt detected.

      Data Driven Cooking (DDC): Ready Ideas For Gastronomy and Rotisserie

      Did you get a special request? Would you like to test a new recipe? Do you want to impress your customers with new products? Data Driven Cooking (DDC) is the technology that uses Artificial Intelligence and constantly monitors the activity and consumption of your UNOX gastronomy oven. It records information and suggests corrective actions to make the most out of your oven, and, in addition to this, it gives you the keys to access a reserved area where you can download many new recipes and upload your own! Enter the Data Driven Cooking community now.


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