Sport & Entertainment: events, sporting events and shows
Sport & Entertainment: events, sporting events and shows

Cooling break: only the fastest wins

Sport&Entertainment: a business space beyond your expectations

Cutting edge technologies to optimise costs and space, increasing your profit. Quantity, quality and speed: a frantic pace to satisfy your customers. Amazing.


Stop, just long

enough for

a Break!

Cook, heat, serve: when you need speed, BAKERLUX SPEED.Pro™,

the first and only baking speed oven, comes into play.

Perfect browning on the outside and flawless cooking

on the inside, serving twice as many customers in half the time. 

Small footprint, maximum profit.

What matters most


Just long enough for a Break!

Keep your meals always

ready to be served!


Serve the double amount of

customers in half the time.

Mass production is the solution.


Speed and repeatability,

without compromising

on quality.

Thanks to Data Driven Cooking you will be able to manage all your ovens remotely, even from your smartphone.


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