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UNOX Data Driven Cooking gives you absolute control of what is going on with your ovens!

Data Driven Cooking

Get closer to your success.

Designed to push you further

Set your goals and monitor your performances to increase the use and profitability of your ovens.


Monitor consumptions

Monitor and analyse the consumption of energy, water and detergents; record the cooking times and count the opening minutes of the door. Have everything under control.


Set a goal

Every cooking process that is moved from a traditional equipment to your UNOX oven makes you earn more. Set your daily usage goal to maximize the return on your investment.


Control your costs

Your UNOX oven will convert energy and water consumption data into costs and help you improve the profitability of your business.


Manage HACCP Data

Maximum transparency and safety for your kitchen: the HACCP data from the last month is always available at a click.

An ecosystem to be discovered!

Data will be always accessible by smartphone or PC.

Everything is just a tap away


Install DDC.App on your smartphone and have remote control of your connected UNOX oven. You can monitor in real time its operating status, analyse consumption reports, create recipes on your smartphone, receive the ones recommend by DDC.Coach and send them to your ovens with a click.

Data Analytics

Thanks to the Internet portal you are linked to your UNOX oven even when you are not in the kitchen. You can monitor its operating condition in real time, create recipes from your computer and send them to your ovens with a simple click.


Cloud-based technology

Runs on any connected device

Register your connected UNOX ovens on our internet portal or mobile app (iOS and Android), monitor them from anywhere with your smartphone, tablet or PC.

Map your oven's network

Organise your ovens in groups sorted by area or by hierarchy and view them on an interactive geo-map.

Monitor consumptions

Energy consumption, water consumption, cooking times, door opening times and cleaning activities.

View utilization data

Powerful data navigation tools give you a complete overview of the way your ovens are used, from a single minute of a cooking program to full weeks of usage.

Improve. Every day.

Compare the performance of your ovens, detect anomalies and get useful information to improve the performances of your business.

Manage costs

Your connected UNOX ovens calculate the costs of water and energy consumption and gives you full knowledge of your business.


HACCP food safety data is always with you, downloadable on any type of connected device.


The UNOX DDC.Coach Artificial Intelligence analyses the way you use your UNOX oven and suggests personalised recipes to help you use it more efficiently.

Create cooking programs
on your smartphone and laptop

Create programs directly from your PC and smartphone. Compose your recipe books and sync them with your ovens or share them with UNOXcommunity.

UNOX Chef Community

Be inspired by the UNOX recipe collection, choose from those prepared by the UNOX chef team or our community of worldwide chefs.