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Five intelligent technologies designed to maximize your output, improve your performance and give shape to your ambitions.


By registering changes in humidity and temperature, it adapts the cooking process to the food-load to deliver an identical and perfect result every time. 

*Available only for ovens MIND.MapsTM PLUS, SHOP.ProTM MASTER.


    CLIMALUX™ uses sensors to measure the effective humidity inside the oven and acts automatically to ensure that the cooking conditions match the set one.

    *Available only for ovens MIND.MapsTM PLUS.


      AUTO.Soft automatically regulates the rise in temperature to make it gentler and guarantee an optimal distribution of heat inside each pan in the oven.

      *Available only for ovens MIND.MapsTM PLUS, SHOP.ProTM MASTER.


        SMART.Preheating automatically sets the best temperature and preheating time to guarantee maximum repeatability of results throughout the day.

        *Available only for ovens MIND.MapsTM PLUS, SHOP.ProTM MASTER.


          SENSE.Klean™ technology estimates the degree of dirt and suggests the best automatic cleaning mode according to actual use.

          *Available only for ovens  MIND.MapsTM PLUS.


            AUTO.Matic automatically opens the door at the end of the baking cycle to guarantee excellent results at every batch.

            *Available only for ovens SHOP.ProTM (MASTER, TOUCH).

              Perfect Cooking.
              Impeccable uniformity.
              The oven at its Best.


              DRY.Maxi™ effectively removes humidity from the cooking chamber to give your preparations perfect consistency, colour and crunchiness every time. 

              *Available only for ovens MIND.MapsTM.


                DRY.Plus expels humid air from the baking chamber to help the internal structure of the product to form properly, creating a texture that remains perfect for hours. 

                *Available only for ovens SHOP.ProTM, CHEFLUXTM, BAKERLUXTM, LINEMISSTM, LINEMICROTM.


                  STEAM.Maxi™ generates steam from 35 to 260°C and delivers high steaming performance combined with energy and water savings.

                  *Available only for ovens MIND.MapsTM.


                    STEAM.Plus technology instantly creates humidity inside the baking chamber, from a temperature of 90°C up to 260°C, for excellent results with every batch.

                    *Available only for ovens SHOP.ProTM (MASTER, TOUCH, LED), CHEFLUXTM, BAKERLUXTM, LINEMISSTM.


                      PRESSURE.Steam increases steam temperature and saturation to effectively steam food that can not be cooked in traditional combi-ovens, such as full load of rice or dumplings.

                      *Available only for ovens MIND.MapsTM PLUS.


                        AIR.Maxi ™ uses multiple high flow reversing fans for a uniform result and short cooking time. 4 speeds of the fan allow to perform any kind of cooking.

                        *Available only for ovens MIND.MapsTM.


                          AIR.Plus guarantees perfect air and heat distribution within the baking chamber, for uniform results at every point throughout every tray.

                          *Available only for ovens SHOP.ProTM, CHEFLUXTM, BAKERLUXTM, LINEMISSTM, LINEMICROTM.


                            Quick temperature rise, high temperature precision, ENERGY STAR certified efficiency at the top of the category in combi, dry air and steam modes.

                            *Available only for ovens MIND.MapsTM​​​ PLUS, SHOP.ProTM MASTER.

                              UNOX DATA DRIVEN COOKING
                              UNOX DATA DRIVEN COOKING

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