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<strong>Ready for any challenge.</strong>
Ready for any challenge.
Dry-air cooking
The new way to grill. An oven that manages cooking in total autonomy. Tastier food, satisfied palates. Zero-waste of time.
    Your UNOX oven is at the center of every cooking process. Use it to brown meats, fish and vegetables before or after cooking to enhance their tastes and flavors.
      Absence of humidity means crunchy and golden breading. Exalted flavors, perfect consistency, juicier meat, vegetables and fish with delicate but consistent flavors.
        When you want fast, aggressive but never excessive, always-consistent pan fried food the right answer is your UNOX oven.
          Amaze the most demanding palates of your customers by transforming your UNOX oven into a smoker with HYPER.Smoker! Use any type of natural woodchips, select the intensity and let the oven control every detail of the smoking process.
            ARTISAN BAKERY
            Perfect ventilation, precise percentages of humidity and uniformity at every point of the pan, on all trays. When required, extra steam production with STEAM.Boost to obtain gold and shining surfaces for your bread.
              Unox ovens give you full control of the baking process, from the most delicate to the most extreme, respecting the aromas and structures of the dough.
                FROZEN BAKERY
                The baking of frozen dough is a science. UNOX ovens deliver fragrant, crisp and consistent internal structures with golden and uniform external surfaces with no efforts.
                  Three golden rules: precise temperature, gentle and regular ventilation and maximum extraction of humidity.
                  Prepare for perfect dehydration. 
                    BISCUITS AND COOKIES
                    Precise, repeatable, uniform. From the first to the last piece, same color, same structure, same result. Discover the pleasure of perfection.
                      Combined humidity
                      Without risk of burns, condensation or excessive dryness. Let the CLIMALUXTM climate control handle each moment of the regeneration of frozen food. 
                        My Roasts are as you dreamed of them. Succulent and tasty. Minimum weight reduction, precise and regular temperatures and humidity.. Always perfect cooking. With or without probe.
                          You and UNOX. Perfect combination. With your experience and reliablity you will cook everything. Even the most traditional cooking but with less pots, less hassle. More time to admire every creation.
                            LOW TEMPERATURE ROASTING
                            Your Roasts as you dreamed of them. Succulent and tasty. Minimum weight-loss, precise and consistent internal temperature and juiciness. 
                              OVERNIGHT COOKING
                              Cook when nobody is in the kitchen, maximize yield, use of your ovens and the return of your investment.
                                Thick, delicate but powerful steam. The cooking chamber is saturated in less than 20 seconds. From 35 to 260 degrees. Discover the limitless power of STEAM.Maxi technology!
                                  All the flavors of your ingredients, enhanced by modern cooking techniques. More efficient than a water-bath and limitless versatility.
                                    COOKING IN JARS
                                    The perfect steam distribution of STEAM.Maxi allows cooking of the product in jars, for those who utilize the most innovative cooking techniques and want the flavors to be combined but well preserved.
                                      PAR-BAKING AND PRE-BAKING
                                      Par-baking of confectionery and bakery items. Precooking of meat, fish and vegetables. Your UNOX oven prepares you for the best service at peak times.
                                        Yes, you can also pasteurize to ensure timeless goodness for your creations, standardize quality and to amaze your customers' palates.
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