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Vacuum trays
Vacuum trays


Special trays for hot vacuum

Cook, vacuum seal the food while it is still hot and preserve it for days in EVEREO®. You will be ready to serve it at any time of the day or night. This are MULTI.Day Trays. Designed to last over time, they are the only trays that resist the vacuum process without any deformation and, thanks to the special high seal gaskets on the lid, they guarantee the maintenance of the vacuum condition for days.



They can be used to cook directly in the oven as normal open trays or, after being sterilized, to preserve cooked food and transfer it still hot to be vacuum sealed.


Vacuum hot food

Thanks to the special MULTI.Day Hot Vacuum pump, MULTI.Day trays can be vacuum sealed as soon as they come out of the oven with very hot food inside. It is not necessary to wait for the food to be chilled and then regenerate it.


Large quantities

UNOX MULTI.Day Trays have been conceived and designed to allow the preservation of large quantities of food so as to have them always ready at Service Temperature, for a large number of customers.
How to take advantage of vacuum with hot food

Modes of use

Seal, cook and preserve

Thanks to the innovative Hot Vacuum system, you will have the possibility to vacuum the food while it is still hot in the MULTI.Day trays. In this way you can then preserve it in EVEREO® for up to 72 hours.

Cook, seal and ship

Are you transporting hot food? At the end of the cooking, when the food is still hot, seal the MULTI.Day Trays with MULTI.Day Hot Vacuum and make its handling and transport in insulated containers safe and easy.



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