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<strong>Fit for every <span style="color:#0099ff">challenge.</span></strong>
Fit for every challenge.
316 L
1 M
Design for those who make big numbers
Technical details
Non-deformable and stress-resistant
Space-frame chassis
The MIND.Maps™ BIG features a space-frame chassis made of welded 50mmx50mm, 1,5mm thick stainless steel tubes. The whole structure is extremely rigid and the door is fixed to the frame to guarantee its perfect closure even after years of work.
    Chlorides? No problem.
    316L marine-grade stainless steel cooking chamber
    The stainless-steel used in the MIND.MapsTM BIG cooking chamber is the marine-grade 316L, the same material with which ships are built, able to withstand virtually any type of water. Avoid water treatment with osmosis systems even in the case of chlorides.
      Minimal external temperature.
      Air-curtain cooling facade
      Within the space-frame chassis, UNOX engineers have created two cold air distribution channels that keep the external temperatures of the oven front always in safety even after hours of operation at 300 ° C.
        The external structure of the MIND.MapsTM BIG is designed to be impermeable to water even in case of washing with a pressure lance.
          No water drops on the floor
          Water-collection channels
          The facade and the trolley of the CHEFTOP MIND.MapsTM BIG ovens feature a unique system of channels that collect any drop of water that would otherwise fall on the floor when the coupling between the trolley and the façade is not perfect, for example in case of uneven floor.
            Always-dry trolley
            Continuous water drainage
            The water collected from the façade is conveyed directly into the oven drain pipe. No need to empty the bottom of the trolley after a washing cycle, even after years of use.
              Simplified operations.
              2-stages door opening
              Two-stage door opening. The first stage allows the moisture to be safely evacuated, the second stage fully-unlocks the door.
                Instant closure
                Door with push-to-close function
                Tested for over 1 million cycles, the door push-to-close function reduces the operator efforts during work.
                  70mm that make the difference
                  High-thickness door
                  The high thickness of the door makes it very strong and robust. The internal ventilation channels guarantee safe outdoor temperatures even when the ovens run at 300°C for hours.
                    10% more energy into the food.
                    Triple glass
                    The triple external glass minimizes energy losses, thus increasing the amount of energy transferred to food and further speeding up cooking.
                      Tested to last.
                      Innovative materials and its unique design make the gasket last well beyond the limits of traditional oven gaskets.
                        Eliminates the risk of clogging
                        Drain grid
                        The exclusive design of the drain protection grid holds any food pieces at the bottom of the oven and prevents them from blocking the evacuation of liquids.
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