Discover how the UNOX ovens become part of the everyday life of chefs.

"I love my Unox oven because its level of technology and innovation perfectly meets my level of passion and curiosity.  It simply has no limits and allows me to take my skills and creativity to the next level.”

Get to know the chefs that chose UNOX


Alberto Fortunato

La Bettola del Gusto

Pompei, Italy

Nicola Ricci

La Tuga

San Vincenzo, Italy

Stefano Agostini


Padova, Italy

Vincenzo D'Amora

San Clemente Palace Kempinsky

Venezia, Italy

Stefano Di Gennaro


Bari, Italy

Johnny Baker

Johnny Baker's

Castlemaine, Australia

Daniel Gottschlich


Köln, Germania

George Dardamanis

The Hatter & The Hare

Bayswater, Australia