The first ever baking speed oven The first ever baking speed oven
The first ever baking speed oven


Available from January 2020

One heart. Two souls.

BAKERLUX SPEED.Pro is the fusion of two state of the art technologies, combined to coexist in a multifunctional and versatile piece of equipment. Born to be doubly unique.

The two souls

Bake & Speed


Use BAKERLUX SPEED.Pro in BAKE mode to bake frozen items.

Even baking results on each tray, brilliant with the most delicate products thanks to the two-speed reversing fan.

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27 Croissants

in 16 minutes

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27 Mini strudels

in 25 minutes

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36 Danish pastries

in 20 minutes

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45 Mini soft rolls

in 16 minutes

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18 Midi baguettes

in 18 minutes

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3 Focaccias

in 14 minutes


Use BAKERLUX SPEED.Pro in SPEED mode for heating and toasting your foods.

Accelerate your cookings and reduce service times by combining intense ventilation and micro-waves.

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9 Croissants

in 10 minutes

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4 Club sandwiches

in 125 seconds

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4 Toasted sandwiches

in 75 seconds

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250 gr Lasagna

in 100 seconds

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250 gr Chicken wings

in 110 seconds

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4 Burritos

in 90 seconds


Bake capacity: 3 460 x 330 trays / 75 mm
Speed capacity: 1 SPEED.Plate
Voltage: 380 - 415 V
Power: 6.5 kW
Dimension: 600 x 797 x 541 mm (w x d x h)
Weight: 88 kg


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