H20 only. Nothing but that
H20 only. Nothing but that


Reverse Osmosis water treatment

The reverse osmosis filtering system reduce or eliminate completely
from the water all the substances which contribute to the formation of lime scale
and/or rust inside the cooking chamber, a known cause of malfunctioning and breakdown.



Completely removes limescale
from water.


Ideal for the waters with high contents of dissolved salts and Chlorides

Reverse osmosis removes any dissolved substance from the water that can cause rust formation, such as iron ions, chlorides and chloride.


Up to 25.000 liter
of treated water

The high-durability membranes are designed to last over time.

Controllo automatico
del consumo dei filtri

Il pannello del forno segnala in automatico quando è il momento di cambiare li filtri in funzione della durezza dell'acqua e degli effettivi consumi.

<strong>Otomatik kontrol ve filtre değişim zamanı</strong>

Otomatik kontrol ve filtre değişim zamanı

Fırın ekranı,  filtreleri, su sertliğine ve tüketime göre zamanı geldiğinde değiştirilmesi gerektiğini otomatik olarak belirtir.


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