UNOX as key player at Host Milano 2019 from October 18th to 22nd

What are you going to find at UNOX booth?

You will also find a special area reserved for a new product. Its identity will be revealed in world premiere during the first day of Host exhibition.

For the first time in an International exhibition, UNOX will present also the CHEFTOP MIND.Maps™ BIG PLUS, launched in June 2019. The new intelligent trolley oven that can realize every kind of cooking, in every type of business, 24 hours per day and with full load. The extremely strong structure and the perfect cooking performances make this new big oven the best choice for big contract feeders, hotels, hospitals and canteens. 

EVEREO®, to present the business of the Service Temperature Food Preserving, showing the advantages of maintaining the food at hot temperature, avoiding blast chilling of the food and its subsequent regeneration. This way it can be served in few seconds in every moment, eliminating waiting times for the clients. This will perfectly match with the achievement of the Kitchenless Restaurant.

A DATA DRIVEN COOKING (DDC) corner will point out all Artificial Intelligence features: collect information, process data and provide complete reports about the oven’s usage and consumption in order to optimize the CHEFTOP or BAKERTOP MIND.Maps™ use in order to have a smart and connected kitchen.

UNOX, a manufacturing company leader on the production of professional ovens for restaurants, bakeries and catering centers, will introduce at Host International Exhibition a new innovative product that will be revealed only at the event’s grand opening, in addition to show-cooking, tasting experiences and demonstrations. 

UNOX SpA is a company that produces and sells professional ovens for the food service industry, retail and bakery market and it is ready for the 41st edition of Host Milano, the International Hospitality Exhibition, an unmissable event for all the businesses that deal with the foodservice industry and equipment. Attending this exhibition since its foundation, UNOX launched in every edition important news that gave the guidelines of the company development for the following years. This is exactly what will happen also during this edition at UNOX 200 square meters booth, accurately designed to attract visitors and industry professionals, where it will possible to attend demonstrations and show-cooking, get involved in the tasting experiences and get practical suggestions to take advantage of all the UNOX products’ features. During the grand opening day, it will be also revealed as world premiere a giant news: the combination between two technologies already available in the oven but never coexisted in one unique product.

As preannounced by the CEO Nicola Michelon, «it will be the first exhibition in which we will present and demonstrate the incredible possibilities of the Service Temperature Food Preserving, a technology invented and patented by UNOX that enables the preservation of cooked food at hot temperature for many days. EVEREO is the first HOTfridge that, together with the MULTI.Day patented technology, allows to considerably reduce the service times, increase the meal variety offered and significantly decrease the kitchen labour costs, thanks to the possibility to preserve the food at service temperature».

The key factors that let UNOX win the famous SMART Label award (promoted by Host – Fiera Milano in collaboration with and the Politecnico in Milan) have been innovation, dynamism and the ability to constantly be updated, always improving and personalizing the offer.

The UNOX team invites all the visitors to the Booth E17 F20, Pavilion number 5.