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Training Path
Our paths of growth
From day one, new talent will be involved in the company’s history, culture and philosophy. They will acquire the specific skills required for the role and will embark on a path aimed at the mutual exchange of feedback in an evolutionary perspective for effective, timely communication and mutual support and improvement. 
The training path of a Unox Leader is enhanced with training sessions focused on new challenges concerning the selection and management of people. It allows knowledge and skills to be effectively transmitted in the daily activities of his/her new employees while fostering their personal and professional growth.
The training path of a Unox Manager is aimed at acquiring the ability to transfer the business experience and culture of Unox to his/her team in order to ensure that their potential is fully developed, thereby improving their performance and skills.
Are you a talent looking for success?
Find out about our Talent Path
Welcome day
Learn how to navigate in all Unox environments under the guidance of a manager or colleague.
On Boarding
Who is Unox?
You are aligned on history, vision, Lean Thinking philosophy and business processes, as well as the Feedback culture.
Competences booster
Your hard skills
You know and can apply the skills required by the role.
Red Hot Chilly Seat
Get the initial feedback
Get feedback from your colleagues, without having to give any, so that you are better integrated into the team.
Hot Seat
Exchange feedback
Exchange feedback and suggestions regarding performance with your colleagues and those of other teams.
Public speaking light
Communicate in the best way
Own the tools and techniques to productively engage in verbal and non-verbal communication.
Train the trainer
Transmit your knowledge
You know how to transmit knowledge effectively so that the recipient can perform the task correctly with the quality and timing required.

“When a company is small, it focuses on products. When it wants to grow, it focuses on processes. When it wants to become big, it focuses on people.”
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