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Food factories
Food factories

Contract feeders

Unox: the undisputed choice for meal supply companies

Contract feeders are factories producing food around the clock. They are the starting point of a production system that provides food to companies, stadiums, hospitals, airport lounges, trains and much more!

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Central production kitchen

Food factories virtuous system

Cooking centres

Food factories where large batches of food are prepared to be shipped to canteens or other distribution centres, where preparation is completed and service is concluded. In cooking centres daily planning and repeatable results are everyday occurrences, thanks to Unox products.

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    Central Bakeries

    Industrial laboratories produce huge quantities of leavened and unleavened products on a large scale for large retailers, mass catering or travelling distribution. The wide commercial scope and intense production activity require state-of-the-art equipment that must guarantee maximum results, repeatable over time.

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      Satellite kitchen

      All-in: from production to plating


      Preparing and serving a large number of meals every day, concentrated at a specific time of day, requires tailor-made solutions for each stage of the process, both for production and storage, up to the moment of service. By taking advantage of optimised cooking programs and Unox technologies, each step is simplified, drastically reducing food waste. By taking advantage of optimised cooking programs and Unox technologies, each step is simplified, drastically reducing food waste.

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      Healthcare, human health starts with nutrition

      Hospital and

      social and health care catering 

      Food is one of the fundamental elements in the care and well-being of every individual. Our approach to health and social catering focuses on the patient and their specific nutritional needs. Thanks to Unox oven technologies, the products maintain all their nutritional properties while looking inviting.

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      Taste education

      School canteens

      School caterers have a moral obligation to offer a choice of appetizing foods that take into account a balanced caloric intake for the diets of all age groups. Thanks to automated cooking programs and Unox technologies, every step of the process is simplified, drastically reducing food waste.

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      Cooling break: the quality break


      All kitchens and bars involved in providing a catering service in spaces or environments dedicated to sports and entertainment events must have speed and repeatable results as their strengths. The wide range of Unox products guarantees excellent performance, in reduced time and always protecting the quality of the products served.

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