Fish Counter

Fish, molluscs and crustaceans, from the sea to the oven
Fish, molluscs and crustaceans, from the sea to the oven

Have your customer select the fresh fish, cook it in plain sight and sell it. Make dreams real

Two ovens in one to make twice as much in half the time.

The 5+7 solution gives you the productivity of 12 GN 1/1 trays combined with the versatility of two separate cooking chambers that allow you to grill and steam at the same time. 
Basically a dream. 

The benefits



You will be able to offer an express
cooking service on order.
Ready-to-use cooking programs
to cook in just a few minutes.



Thanks to the automatic programs,
you won't need a chef to come up
with great-tasting dishes. Everything
will be easy and immediate.




Keep the fresh food counter for your customers, let them choose and cook for them. Turn your fish counter into a
5-star gourmet corner.



Perfect dishes, easy-to-use oven
and automatic washing without
contact with the detergent.
The highest level of safety. 

“Unox CHEFTOP MIND.Maps™ ovens, thanks to their versatility and ease of use, allowed us to immediately expand the offer of our deli counter, meeting the growing needs of our customers. From our suppliers we expect high levels of support and technical assistance, and Unox has never disappointed us.”

Italian supermarket chain

The food preservation at service temperature revolution

Cook, hold warm and serve food for 72 hours, whenever you want, wherever you want

Its name is Evereo® and it is the first hot fridge in history Evereo® makes it possible: keep cooked foods at service temperature, for days. Without the need to regenerate food, without risks and without specialized staff!

Cooking Essentials Trays

Special trays for magical cooking

UNOX special trays are designed to turn your oven into a sort of magic box. With the Cooking Essentials, you can use the same oven you used to roast your chickens to cook full loads of bread, grate some lasagne, cook some roast beef, steam or pan fry side dishes and prepare a thousand other things.
A little better than the traditional electric spit, isn’t it?

SENSE.Klean and DET&Rinse™

Don't get your hands dirty with bulky detergents!

Thanks to the integrated tank, you no longer have to worry about loading the detergent for every wash or waiting for the oven to tell you how much detergent you need. The control panel will suggest the required type of washing and will autonomously take the needed amount of detergent.

Ventless Hood with activated carbon filter

Install the oven wherever you want, even outside the kitchen!

The certified condensation hood allows you to carry out open air installations without odour problems. Basically you can decide to upgrade your supermarket and start increasing the offer to your customers even without a kitchen. 
We will take care of the rest.

Our range

Grazie a Data Driven Cooking potrai connettere tutti i tuoi forni e gestirli in remoto, anche dal tuo cellulare.


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