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Executive chef in the kitchen who is using a tablet to control his smart commercial oven

From convection ovens to hyper-speed cooking ovens: simplify your work thanks to intelligent professional ovens!

In the last 30 years the world of professional cuisine has undergone important and frequent changes that have required professionals in the Food Service world to learn to manage an increasing number of techniques and variables to always ensure a high and constant quality standard for all preparations.

From the adoption of convection techniques, which add the use of fans to the power of heat to generate hot air flow, then to the combi ovens, an evolution that allows you to cook using steam to make more complex preparations, up to the advent of speed ovens that also introduce the use of microwaves for express preparations. 

Every change brings with it new opportunities but at the same time also more or less intense challenges to be faced to always ensure a high-quality standard for your preparations.

The use of advanced professional ovens equipped with intelligent technologies can really help to drastically reduce these difficulties and improve the life of every professional cook or pastry chef.

Managing difficulties thanks to artificial intelligence: the Inventive Simplification of UNOX professional ovens.

There is no doubt that technology has played, and is still playing, a key role in changing our way of life, improving home management, office work, transportation and much more. So why not adopt the advantages offered by new technologies to simplify even the work in the kitchen? This desire for simplification has always been used by us at UNOX to design and manufacture cutting-edge professional ovens that contain artificial intelligence functions useful to support every chef in everyday preparations.

ADAPTIVE. Cooking™, MULTI.time and CHEFUNOX: when a professional oven becomes a real digital assistant.

With the aim of simplifying the use of our ovens as much as possible and allowing their use by every chef, regardless of his experience, we have developed a series of modern technologies that exploit the power of artificial intelligence with the ultimate goal of always ensuring the best cooking performance. Our combi ovens CHEFTOP MIND.Maps™ PLUS and BAKERTOP MIND. Maps™ PLUS, our convection oven with humidity SHOP.Pro™ MASTER and our speed oven SPEED-X are equipped with ADAPTIVE.Cooking™ technology for example, that allows you to adapt your cooking according to the amount of baked food, ensuring a perfect result in each preparation. 

On the other hand, thanks to MULTI.time technology, each Chef will be able to cook up to 10 preparations at the same time having maximum control and no longer worrying about the cooking times of the various foods: the oven will independently warn when each preparation is completed, always guaranteeing you a great result!

Finally, if you are inexperienced in cooking with our ovens, you can benefit from the CHEFUNOX function available for combi ovens as CHEFTOP MIND.Maps™ and BAKERTOP MIND.Maps™ and speed ovens as SPEED-X™ : just choose what to cook by browsing from a vast digital recipe book, select the type of cooking and the result you want, and the oven will set the right parameters independently to ensure the best result.

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Combination ovens with accelerated cooking: a new challenge to be faced for which there is already a solution!

There is no doubt that the arrival of accelerated cooking combination ovens represents an epochal revolution in the entire world of food service: how to be prepared and make the most of all the opportunities offered by what can be defined as the "Era of hyper-accelerated service”?

Our innovative SPEED-X™, the world's first self-cleaning, accelerated cooker combination oven, significantly reduces the concerns arising from this important new challenge. Thanks to the use of an innovative digital panel, called Digital.ID™, it is possible, directly from the interface of the oven, to obtain initial training, technical assistance, and tailor-made advice from professional chefs.

1 - DIGITAL.Training: learn now to take advantage of your 100% accelerated cooking combined oven!

With the purchase of a SPEED-X™ oven, from the days after installation, you can request an initial training remotely with which to considerably reduce the learning curve and receive useful tips and tricks to make the most of the oven and the technologies available in it.

2 - Live Technical Assistance: Manage anomalies immediately, forget all worries.

The oven does not work as it should? Thanks to the Digital.ID™ interface you can immediately get in touch with our technical team directly from your oven and talk using the integrated internal microphone or send messages and images via the internal chat of the App to help the team diagnose and solve the problem faster and more accurately.

3 - COOKING.Concierge: a targeted support that eliminates all your doubts.

Do you still have doubts about using your oven? Do you need targeted advice for specific preparations? Need additional help making new recipes and making the most of your professional oven? By accessing the SPEED-X Digital.ID panel you can be guided step by step by one of our Corporate Chefs and give a positive boost to your performance!

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