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UNOX wins 3 awards at the RED Dot Design Award 2022!

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Can a single product win three Red Dot Design Awards? Our SPEED-X did!

During the latest competition, SPEED-X proved to be the absolute hero, a true example of innovation that enchanted all the members of the jury and was awarded with the “Red Dot Award”, the “Innovative Product Award” and the most prestigious of awards, the “Best of the Best”.

The award-winning SPEED-X, the first and only oven capable of combining the technology of a self-cleaning combi oven with those of a speed oven is the perfect combination of innovation, speed (or rather hyper-speed), hyperconnection, first-rate digital functionality, cleanliness and elegance.


What is the Red Dot Award?
What is a speed oven?
What are the main limitations of speed ovens?
Why is SPEED-X™ the speed oven that eliminates all compromises?

What is the Red Dot Award?

The Red Dot Design Award is one of the most prestigious international design competitions which aims to honor the exceptional quality of planners and designers who compete from all over the world with their own products, brands, communications and design concepts. 

Given the importance of this recognition, being able to obtain three awards is an exciting result for us at UNOX: both in terms of recognition by the market worldwide, and as a result of the constant investments we make day by day in research and in the development of people and technologies that can improve the performance of existing products, through the implementation of the most innovative and effective solutions.

What is a speed oven?

Speed ovens are ovens that are ideally suited for all operations that need to serve a large number of hot dishes to a large number of customers in a short time. A speed oven typically combines convection technology with the power of microwaves to speed up the process. It is the ideal solution for the preparation of snacks and for the regeneration of dishes for all oeperators who need to offer fast service.

What are the main limitations of speed ovens?

Bars, snack bars, service stations and, in general, all operators of fast food restaurants who already use an speed oven, have to face the problem of the absence of automatic washing. This is a problem that makes cleaning the oven very difficult and prevents you from cooking raw food. Another important limitation concerns cooking: speed ovens find their main strength in speed, as they are designed to prepare snacks or regenerate specific dishes in a few seconds, but do not allow for more elaborate cooking that requires, for example, the use of steam. 

Why is SPEED-X™ the speed oven that eliminates all compromises?

SPEED-X from UNOX, is the innovative self-cleaning combi oven with accelerated cooking. Thanks to the different properties of the world of baking, the worlds of gastronomy and catering will no longer have to choose between cooking speed and quality, but will have the guarantee of cooking performance of the highest level. 

With SPEED-X, the problem of the absence of automatic washing, typical of speed ovens, is not only solved, but the incredible advantage of being able to increase the menu and the average receipt is offered thanks to a tool that allows, in compact spaces, to cook a fresh chicken with vegetables in 180 seconds or grilled salmon in 150 seconds.

Forget any compromise: with our SPEED-X it is possible to find in a single oven all the necessary features for any type of cooking, whether you are talking about baking a delicious filled sandwich in 75 seconds or cooking a sea bass fillet in just 90 seconds!


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