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Ready-to-eat meals and snacks to enjoy
Ready-to-eat meals and snacks to enjoy

Delicious dishes and ready-to-eat snacks
that are held hot, ready to eat!

Cook, hold warm, and serve food for 72 hours, whenever you want, wherever you want.

Its name is Evereo® and it is the first Hot Fridge in history Evereo® makes it possible: keep cooked foods at service temperature, for days. Without the need to regenerate food, without risks and without specialized staff!

The benefits



Choose whatever you want!

From 4 crunchy hot sandwiches

in 90 sec to some hot braised meet

ready for 3 days. You ask, we answer.



You will not need to produce
on a forecast basis. Cook
what you need, when you need it.
Or have it ready and hot.



Whether it is a freshly baked
product or one that has been hold
for days, it will always be
of the highest quality.



SPEED.Pro™ and Evereo®
are available in a compact size
to do everything
in a small space!

SPEED.Plate Tray

Double Face, unique texture

The SPEED.Plate is SPEED.Pro's lethal weapon that transforms your sandwiches into crispy, golden caskets, fragrant in every bite, enjoyable from the first bite to the last one. A substantial level-up that increases the speed and quality of your products. A smooth side that simulates the operation of a baking stone so that pizzas and focaccias regain the crispness lost during storage, a ribbed side that gives your soft breads the grill effect that everyone likes.

Aesthetics and essence. SPEED.Plate: it causes addiction.

MULTI.Day special trays

Hermetically sealed trays and lids to contain and retain all the taste of a freshly baked dish, even after 3 days.

With MULTI.Day trays you can vacuum-pack food while it is still hot and, thanks to the special valve on the lid, guarantee the vacuum seal for days.
The same tray you used to cook can be sealed and kept hot to work in advance, level out the production peaks and serve food whenever you want, wherever you want, even without a workshop or kitchen and a trained chef.

Our range

Grazie a Data Driven Cooking potrai connettere tutti i tuoi forni e gestirli in remoto, anche dal tuo cellulare.


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