Unox People

We create the best working environment in which to build successes for those who have shown talent and passion during their studies and for those who transform talent and passion into excellent results every day.


...are result-oriented

We are successful and our results prove it. We look far ahead and build solid plans that we always put into practice. We look at the details and understand that it is precisely the details that make the difference. We address every problem we encounter and turn it into an opportunity. If we make a mistake, we don't hide behind excuses, we take responsibility for our mistakes, understand their root causes and solve them.

...believe in initiative

We always try to improve ourselves and our surroundings. We are curious. When we discover that something works, we share it to turn it into a best practice. We try and try again to transform our ideas into results. We don't watch things happen around us, but we make them happen.

...are motivated every day

We prepare for today and tomorrow's challenges. We train to grow as people and as professionals. We know we are winners and we work hard to always be winners. We are focused on our goals and find motivation in every confrontation. We love competition.

...are positive

We set ambitious goals because we know we can achieve them. We don't think there are obstacles we won't be able to overcome. We know that the difficulties we overcome today will be our strengths tomorrow. We know that tomorrow we will be a better team.

...are scientific

We believe that making a winning business is a science and a passion. We design, implement and measure our processes and projects in every detail. We consider cooking a chemical-physical reaction triggered by heat and governed by the laws of heat exchange. We build machines that govern it. We leave nothing to chance. as a team

We are a team that plays to win every day. We go into the field prepared and united. We know there can be no success unless we work together. Each of us contributes with their talent and determination. We help those in need and support those who want to improve. 

...believe in feedback as the most important tool for growth

We believe that feedback is the most important tool for growth both as an individual and as a team. We give feedback on the assumption that it is in the interest of the person who receives it. Feedback helps us to clarify which behaviours need to be supported and which ones need to be changed. Feedback allows us to avoid misunderstandings and their consequences. We ensure that people continuously exchange professional and constructive feedback. People joining our team may not be ready for such openness, so we teach everyone how to give and receive feedback. We support each other to become role models for others.

...believe that leading by example is a model of leadership

The role of a leader is to provide context through one's actions and to be aware of what is happening. Unox leaders do not ask colleagues to do something they would not do themselves. Each leader manages and organises their own activities and agenda by setting an example to others. None of our leaders has an assistant. At Unox no one brings coffee to someone else except as a gesture of kindness. 

...believe in the value of time

We need to make decisions quickly, without generating unnecessary waiting. A leader responds to the requests of the Unox team in the shortest possible time and in any case within two days, if not the team can and must do autonomously what it considers right for Unox. Each project has an Owner who is responsible for accelerating the SCAN-PLAN-DO-CHECK-ACT cycle as much as possible. We close all the projects we deal with and our stakeholders always receive clear and honest answers to their requests.

...believe in the convergence of choice to be successful

Decisions must be quick and informed. The person responsible for the decision should receive, understand and take into account everyone's opinions, even if they may not agree with them. When a decision is made, we expect everyone to contribute to make the decision become reality. Each of us must show that we know we are not infallible and that we can accept any feedback if the choices made did not produce the desired results.

...believe in dissent to stimulate creativity

We value people who are capable of great honesty, especially towards UNOX leaders. That is why we expect everyone to freely express their dissent. Divergence of thought allows for a broader range of possible solutions and ideas. Every choice made by our leaders must be an informed choice, not expressing disagreement when you have solid arguments is unproductive and does not help UNOX to achieve its goals. 



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