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<strong>Be always on TOP</strong>
Be always on TOP
There's no time to lose
Download the app before receiving your MIND.Maps PLUS oven to learn the basic functions in advance. You’ll be well-prepared to use the oven from the first start-up.
Smart ovens
MIND.Maps PLUS ovens are combi ovens. Find out how they work, what they're capable of and how they manage steam, cooking processes and authomatic washing. Follow the video tutorials to fully understand how your new oven works.
Interactivity and practicality
Learn to navigate the control panel of your oven and monitor consumption and performance in detail. Discover how to set the correct parameters to get excellent cooking results from your oven, even when its fully loaded or when you’re cooking different foods at the same time.
No more secrets
Thanks to the smart shortcuts and customizations in the "Tips and Tricks" section, you can get an advanced education in combi ovens and learn how to use them to their full potential, enhancing each ingredient.”
Download TOP.Training app
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