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The no-frills oven for professional cooking
Efficient. Practical. Essential.
CHEFLUX ovens with analog control is aimed at professionals that require a highly productive oven with nothing superfluous. The perfect combination of maximum production capacity and minimum investment.
Efficient. Practical. Essential.
CHEFLUX ovens with analog control is aimed at professionals that require a highly productive oven with nothing superfluous. The perfect combination of maximum production capacity and minimum investment.
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Mechanical knobs are the perfect combination of performance and simplicity.
Unox technology for you.
Transmit, unite, transform.
AIR.Plus guarantees perfect air and heat distribution within the baking chamber, for uniform results at every point throughout every tray.

On-demand humidity for perfect baking

STEAM.Plus technology instantly creates humidity inside the baking chamber, from a temperature of 90°C up to 260°C, for excellent results with every batch.
Extracting humidity for maximum flavour
DRY.Plus expels humid air from the baking chamber to help the internal structure of the product to form properly, creating a texture that remains perfect for hours.
<p><strong>Designed to live up to the highest expectations. Yours.</strong></p>

Designed to live up to the highest expectations. Yours.



CHEFLUX: The manual threefold oven that brings many unexpected thrills.

Are you a food industry professional who likes being in contact with their oven? Are you a food industry entrepreneur looking for a reliable machine with an excellent quality/price ratio? Then the CHEFLUX threefold gastronomy oven is the solution for you!
CHEFLUX is the perfect mix of versatility and minimum investment. It has been developed by UNOX to easily carry out the most common traditional cooking processes. CHEFLUX™ threefold ovens are effective, because they guarantee perfect cooking uniformity in every climate and in every load condition, and essential, because they are designed for the professional who wants a concrete oven, without frills.

What are the differences between a manual threefold oven and an intelligent combi oven?
The CHEFLUX manual threefold oven differs from the CHEFTOP MIND.Maps intelligent combi oven in several factors, the main ones are 3: control panel, automatic washing system and automatic intelligent programming.
While the CHEFTOP has a 9-inch touch screen electronic control panel and the automatic washing system, the CHEFLUX threefold oven is a manual oven and can be equipped with a practical hand shower to perform quick manual washing operations or quick rinsing between different cooking processes.
CHEFLUX is a threefold oven perfect for all kitchens looking for reliable, easy-to-use equipment. Perfect for those who are willing to give up technology for a minimum purchase price.
Designed for concrete, traditional cuisine. A real, reliable ally for your daily work.
An intelligent combi oven for the food industry like CHEFTOP MIND.Maps™ is equipped with the most advanced technologies patented by UNOX. It accurately and intelligently manages the percentage of humidity inside the cooking chamber and, in addition to this, it automatically detects the quantity of the products loaded in the oven automatically adapting the cooking program, it also manages preheating quickly and intelligently, uses storable programs and much more. It allows you to transfer almost any type of cooking that you would do with other equipment into the oven (frying, grilling, drying, steaming, vacuum cooking, etc.) and thus save energy and manpower. But that’s not all! An intelligent combi oven like CHEFTOP MIND.Maps™ is connected to the Internet and gives you the keys to a world of data: from consumptions to new recipes!

Everything you need to know about CHEFLUX™
Cooking types. Thanks to the CHEFLUX™ threefold ovens you can perform pure convection cooking with a temperature range from 30°C to 260°C or convection cooking with the addition of humidity with a temperature range from 48°C to 260°C.
Guaranteed uniformity. Thanks to UNOX AIR.Plus technology with reversing fans there will be a perfect air distribution in the cooking chamber: the intensity of the fans can be set by the user deciding between 2 flow velocities in the cooking chamber.
Humidity management. Two complementary technologies patented by UNOX will give you the possibility to quickly extract humidity from the cooking chamber (DRY.Plus) or add it manually (STEAM.Plus).
Technical details for unparalleled strength. Rounded stainless steel (AISI 304) chamber for hygiene and ease of cleaning. Chamber lighting through door integrated halogen lights. Carbon fiber handle for a guaranteed non-stop use. Detachable internal glass to simplify the glass door cleaning. Stainless steel C-shaped rack rails.

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