<strong>Prestatie is <span style="color:#0099ff">BIG!</span></strong>

Prestatie is BIG!

Saturated steam

The perfectioned STEAM.Maxi technology ensures the fastest-ever steam saturation with full and partial loads.

Dry air

High-performance forced humidity extraction means more intense flavour.

Air speed

6 high-rev fans intensify air flow on each tray.

Cooking uniformity

6 close-pitch reversing fans.

Perfect alveolar structure and crunchy puff pastry 

192 croissant in 22 mins.

A full load of croissant in less than 22 minutes. BAKERTOP MIND.Maps™ PLUS ovens guarantee precise, repeatable and uniform baking. From the first to the last piece, same color, same structure, same result. Discover the pleasure of perfection.

Data refers to 16 600x400

van 30°C naar 300°C in 270 seconden
verbeterde productiviteit

perfect met volle ladingen

Forced humidity extraction


The cooking of a full load of food produces a huge amount of humidity that needs to be effectively and rapidly evacuated to achieve cooking perfection. The MIND.MapsTM BIG improved DRY.Maxi does that with the highest effectiveness.

    Saturated steam with every food load


    Ultra intense steam production and intelligent controlling algorithms ensure minimum steam saturation time and reduced energy and water consumption with any food load.

      6 close-pitch fans


      The 6 close-pitch reversing fans of UNOX MIND.MapsTM BIG PLUS effectively and evenly distribute air on each tray, even with full loads.

        The precision that your menu deserves.

        Multi.Point core probe

        The 4 measuring points of the MULTI.POINT core probe immediately recognize the coldest point inside the food in which the probe is inserted. You are always sure of the cooking result, even when the person that use it is not as experienced as you are.

          Rotor.KLEAN™ automatic washing

          Don't get your hands dirty.

          All you need to do to clean your oven  is pressing a button and select the most suitable wash according to the level dirt. So while your oven is washing itself you have plenty of time to focus on what matters.

            Perfect heat distribution

            Six fans. Even more perfect cooking.

            MIND.MapsTM BIG PLUS ovens are the only combi steamers with six close-pitch motors, thus guaranteeing intense and uniform air flows on each tray, reducing cooking times and maximizing productivity.

              Nieuwe trolley

              Structured for big loads

              High-thickness stainless steel trolley

              High-thickness stainless steel base and AISI 316L tray-supports makes UNOX MIND.MapsTM trolleys robust and able to handle heavy loads.

                20, 16 trays

                Personalize your trolley pitch

                You can choose one of the 3 option of tray pitches or request a personalized pitch.

                  Regeneration made simple.

                  Plate trolley

                  The plate trolley makes (opppure Plate trolleys make - che secondo me è meglio!) plate regeneration easy and banqueting operations effective.

                    Keep plates ready for service


                    UNOX HOLDING.Cover trolley covers keep plates hot for up to 30 minutes at the end of the regeneration process and simplify banqueting operations.

                      Freedom of movement

                      High-diameter wheels

                      The 10cm diameter of UNOX trolley's wheels make the trolley light and easy to be moved around even on rough surfaces.

                        UNOX Technology

                        Voor beter koken.
                        Voor beter zaken doen.

                        UNOX INTENSIVE COOKING
                        UNOX INTENSIVE COOKING

                        Perfect koken. De hele dag, elke dag.


                        Vochtigheid maakt plaats voor smaak.


                        De kracht van stoom licht in jouw handen.


                        Gedraagt, verenigt, transformeert.


                        Kracht en efficientie.


                        UNOX INTELLIGENT PERFORMANCE
                        UNOX INTELLIGENT PERFORMANCE

                        Maximaliseer uw werk, verbeter uw prestaties, realiseer uw ambities.


                        Perfecte resultaten. Elke keer.


                        Totale vochtigheidsregeling.


                        Intelligent voorverwarmen.


                        Zachte kookfunctie.


                        Intelligente reiniging.


                        UNOX DATA DRIVEN COOKING
                        UNOX DATA DRIVEN COOKING

                        Artificial intelligence die elk detail monitort en perfectioneert.


                        Uw virtuele consultant.


                        Alles binnen handbereik.


                        Gegevensverzameling en analyse.


                        Gecontroleerd voor constante verbetering.
                        BAKERTOP MIND.MapsTM BIG PLUS

                        Elk detail is van belang

                        ontdek meer informatie


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