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<h1><strong>&nbsp;Forni professionali per supermercati</strong></h1>
Grande distribuzione organizzata

 Forni professionali per supermercati

Unox: la scelta indiscussa per la grande distribuzione mondiale
Un nuovo sistema di cottura per supermercati, ipermercati, discount, negozi alimentari, etc..., che ti permette di produrre un'offerta varia con la qualità di un ristorante, anche con personale non specializzato. Tutto con il minor ingombro possibile.
Ogni reparto hai i suoi bisogni. Ogni bisogno ha una soluzione vincente Unox
It takes more time to be said than cooked!
Turn your deli counter into a gourm-arket full of warm delicacies

Attractive counter presentation, products with an inviting appearance to the consumer, longer shelf-life of food, uniformity of cooking and results in all stores.

 Cooking times reduced by 20% thanks to UNOX technologies and combi-cooking.

Up to 30% less water consumption while washing thanks to optimized programs.

Easy-to-use programs, no contact with chemicals, reduced risk of injury.

Discover the solutions for your Deli Counter:

Why sell only raw fish?!
The fish counter, a whole new trend to be exploited now!

You will be able to offer an express cooking service on order. Ready-to-use cooking programs to cook in just a few minutes.

Keep the fresh fish counter for your customers, let them choose and cook for them. Turn your fish counter into a 5-star gourmet corner.

Thanks to the automatic programs, you won't need a chef to come up with great-tasting dishes. Everything will be easy and immediate.

 Perfect dishes, easy-to-use ovens and automatic washing without contact with the detergent: the highest level of safety. 

Discover the solutions for your Fish Counter:

Get carried away by the smell of freshly baked bread!
The formula for a sales-boosting bakery counter

Cook up to 16 trays simultaneously, even in separate chambers with different conditions.

Attractive bakery counter presentation, bakery and pastry products as if they had just been baked, longer shelf-life for the products, uniformity of cooking and results in all stores.

20% less energy compared to a traditional system.

Cooking times reduced by 20% thanks to UNOX technologies and combi-cooking.

Discover the solutions for your Bakery Counter:

Bye-bye electric spit: 24 pieces in only 45 minutes
The solution for a rotisserie corner with an irresistible charm

A maximum weight loss of 28%, inviting products with longer shelf-life, uniformity of cooking and results.

10% lower cooking costs compared to traditional systems.

20% lower energy consumption compared to a traditional system.

25% lower energy costs to wash the oven.

 Up to 40% lower energy consumption to wash the oven.

Up to 40% lower detergent consumption to wash the oven.

Discover the solutions for your Rotisserie Corner:

Serve quality, fast!
A new format for a food court and wine bar

You can choose whatever you want. Starting from 4 crunchy hot sandwiches in 90 seconds to some hot braised meat ready for 3 days. You ask, we answer.

You will not need to produce on a forecast basis. Cook what you need, when you need it. Or have it ready and hot.

Whether it is a freshly baked product or one that has been held for days, it will always be of the highest quality.

SPEED.Pro and EVEREO® are available in a compact size to do everything in a small space!

Discover the solutions for your Food Court:

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